I am Sebas Perotti a.k.a. Metaplasma
My work begins in mid 2005, from a small town of Argentina called Villa María, my experiences have been learning from the web until.
I managed to make my first audiovisual work in real time; which he was chosen to participate in a festival on new trends in art. From there I did not stop and now under my musical tastes and visual composer music and live visual to run my own audiovisual work.
With participation on Argentinian Festivals in the first times like «Tratado de Integración» (2009) and «Buenas Noches Trimarchi» (2011)

I M P O R T A N T  P A R T I C I P A T I O N S

Amsterdam – May 2016 at Live Performers Meeting 2017 (LPM)
Amsterdam – May 2017 at Live Performers Meeting 2017 (LPM)
Bueno Aires – Sep 2017 at Mutek Argentina
Barcelona – Sep 2017 at Festival Visual Brasil

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Live AV project Null

Digitally composed music; mainly under the genre Advanced HipHop, bass, acid, footwork and IDM.
The creative process is focused on the development of an audiovisual tool that allows the same as a sound synthesizer but in two aspects, audio and video.

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